About Us

Hello Burger

welcome to our restaurant web application this Demo web to Show you All features we can provide

if you like to make a test you need to use below information:


by using above information you can make order and ou can check your Order History

the timing for this restaurant is :

12:00 PM To 11:30 PM

you can make Order anytime morning but you can not select Pickup time before 01:00 PM App will Calculate suitable time to finish your Order

and the last time to make Order online is 21:00 PM you will not be able to make an order after that time


by using above information you can use Mange Order because he is the Person how will make your order ready.


by using above information you can check Manage Order he is the Person how will know any order is ready and after he takes money from a client and he will close order


As you know Admin he is the App Manager he can see everything and he has an admin menu to control users and menu with many features I hope you will enjoy it.

Last note from me you can Add and delete anything you make it. enjoy your time best luck

Brilliant Power Team